Wood fire oven bread baking outing in Fan Ling

March 17th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Classes & Demo | Daily life...

On March 14th, 2010 – we gathered 25 passionate foodies ranging from professionals to amateurs. The result of the day was simply awesome.

We had possibly some of the best chefs in their own field in Hong Kong to bake bread, pizzas, roasted meat and the great apple tart. The people participating at the outing were on a lucky strike for great food. All of this of course with the trimmings such as cheeses, farm vegetables and jam – a truly great day for any foodie. There was no high-tech equipment and techniques. It was all back to basics, as simple as simple gets, and the results were just sensational. All the kids were helping Mark to knead the dough. On that day we produced a rosemary batard, pizzas and whole wheat bread. After having baked several pizzas and roasted a few pieces of meat, our oven wasn’t hot enough anymore, so we re-heated it and finished to bake the succulent bread thereafter.

Moreover, Teresa and her friends at the organic E-farm, Fan Ling (next to the Lavender Garden) were amazingly friendly and helpful. They even started a culture of sourdough following my book, which I thought was an excellent initiative with such an oven, they’ll be able to produce really high quality breads!

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3 Responses

  • Fina says:

    Hi Greg,

    Where is this place?


    • gregoire says:

      Hi Fina, it’s in Fanling, the name of the farm is Efarm. Their facebook page is “Efarm Hk” and the contact email is efarmhk@gmail.com.
      It’s at a location very popular for outing, but Efarm is an hidden little place hidden from the mainstream, where you need to book ahead of time to organize events.

      Really great little place! :)

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