Baking Class at L’Atelier du Gout – March 2010

March 29th, 2010 | Posted by greg in Classes & Demo

For 2 half days, we had the luck to host yet another great baking class at the fine l’Atelier Du Gout facilities. With the help of Selena, Johnny and all the team – Mark and myself really had fun doing the class.

We baked four kind of breads from scratch, including 2 sourdough breads. We also started a culture of sourdough over the 2 days course. It was a lot of information on baking for the student and I hope it wasn’t too much! The challenge was really to achieve the expected results over 2 days. The course showed everyone that baking is a science and an art that require a lot of care in order to achieve the best results. For us, we realized how much efforts it took to produce bread outside our “comfortable” working place! (where we have a huge oven :) )

To bake artisan bread takes more than 5 minutes!  (Yes… I am referring to some popular book :) ) The breads we baked were made according to a specific process in order to reach what we wanted. Crust, flavor and conservation. Of course, you can bake for the sake of baking, or you can bake because you’re passionate.

The students attending the class were an amazing bunch of people, from all walks of life, that all had one common point, and it was the love of baking. It really felt great to be surrounded by such people, as every one of them were so enthusiastic about learning. Below are some photos of the class.

The class room with 10 working station.

At work...

The day's programme...

Flour & cider to start our culture!

Olive and sea salt flaky dough

Johnny's helping with the baking!

The olive rolls baking...

Lots of technical information

Mark and I, enjoying our day off!

Some final products!

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7 Responses

  • Selena Choi says:

    Chef, you’re so efficient, even faster than me for the blog posting! That two days were really fun and got loads of things to learn, it was such a great class, really looking forward to the next one!

  • Gregoire says:

    You’re welcome! I’m also looking forward for the next one too! :)

  • May says:

    Chef , I learnt a lot during the 2-half days , really thanks ^_^ !

  • Salina says:

    Hi Chef, really really glad that you are the teacher of my very first bread baking class in my life! Really enjoy the two days. Enjoy the hospitality of Johnny, Karen and Mark also. I have made friend with my newly known team mate. And have been thinking since Sunday on how to continue to make bread out of my microwave oven. I didn’t even make cookie with it before…Anyway, thank you so much. I am the one living in DB. See you there sometimes.

  • Fina says:

    I really want to attend your class. Please organize another one during weekend.

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